How Our CleanFlakeTM Technology Makes a PepsiCo Product More Recyclable

When PepsiCo introduced LIFEWTR, its new premium bottled water, through an ad during SuperBowl LI, we couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride as we sat on our couches munching nachos. Not only does LIFEWTR aim to capture the imaginations of millennials with its sleek, tactile bottle and standout graphics designed by emerging artists, but it also features our CleanFlakeTM adhesive technology and film material, which make the work-of-art packaging more recyclable.

CleanFlakeTM Technology employs a water-based adhesive that enables labels to separate cleanly during the process used to recycle PET plastic bottles. Result? More pure PET flakes that can be used to make new PET bottles rather than being downcycled into something else. That means less consumption of  petroleum-based virgin PET. And, of course, less landfill waste.

“Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers,” say film product managers for Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials—North America, who worked with our customer, Constantia Flexibles, in developing the label for PepsiCo. “CleanFlakeTM Technology is the perfect choice for a company like PepsiCo. The clear-on-clear film not only increases the visual appeal of the brand, but the adhesive also enables the entire container to be recycled after its use.”

We’re proud to help make PET plastic more recyclable. It’s just one way brands are increasingly using products from our ClearIntentTM  product portfolio to achieve their sustainability goals.

Read more about CleanFlakeTM Technology here.


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