Our Commitment

An Engaging and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity is one of our core values, and our pursuit of it indicates our commitment to maintaining an inclusive workplace with a rich variety of talents and perspectives. Our diverse global workforce and our culture of valuing differing viewpoints are essential to our pioneering work in materials science and manufacturing.

Employee Safety and Health

Across the company, our safety performance has remained strong, thanks to a culture that makes safety practices part of our daily routine.

Values and Ethics

We work continually to ensure that our employees and business partners know, understand and live up to our Code of Conduct and high ethical standards.

Compliance and Transparency

Our policies and practices help ensure legal and regulatory compliance and transparency in the areas of human rights, labor, and the environment in our supply chain.

Meaningful Community Impact

We have a long history of helping to strengthen the communities where we do business through volunteerism and financial support of community-based organizations.