Sustainability in Action

Advancing the Reuse of Glass Containers: Premium Wash-Off Labeling for a Premium Water Brand

Zurich-based water brand Lokales Wasser needed a packaging solution that better reflected its values and improved sustainability.

2030 Sustainability Goals and Metrics

Our 2030 sustainability goals complement and live alongside our 2025 sustainability goals.


Reducing Waste

We’re inventing new products and re-engineering existing ones to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of materials.

Sustainable Innovation and Design

Across our company, we’re looking at new ways to apply our materials expertise to invent and engineer solutions that advance the circular economy.

Process and Systems Thinking

We’re innovating and collaborating to reduce resource consumption, eliminate waste, and create circular processes that allow existing raw materials to be continuously reused.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

We’ve used ASPIRE, our environmental, health, and safety data-management system to track the progress for each of our sites around the globe.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable products start with sustainable sourcing. Wherever possible, we responsibly source sustainable materials that improve environmental health.

Awards, Memberships and Affiliations

We’re being recognized as an industry leader for our innovations and sustainability efforts.