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An Engaging and Inclusive Workplace

Diversity is one of our core values, and our pursuit of it indicates our commitment to maintaining an inclusive workplace with a rich variety of talents and perspectives. Our diverse global workforce and our culture of valuing differing viewpoints are essential to our pioneering work in materials science and manufacturing.

Measuring Inclusion
After benchmarking how other companies measure inclusion, we have established employee engagement surveys as our primary measure. For the past three years, we have made an inclusion index part of our survey, which is sent to every Avery Dennison employee. We ask employees to respond to several inclusion-related statements, including, “Avery Dennison respects individuals and values their differences.” In our 2019 survey, nearly 80% of respondents agreed with that statement.

an engaging and inclusive workplace

Seeking Gender Diversity
In 2014, we set a goal for women to hold at least 40% of our leadership positions, which we define as manager-level and above by the end of 2025. We pursued that goal by creating a more flexible work environment, developing female employees’ leadership skills, and raising awareness of unconscious gender bias across our company. We’ve seen success in all three areas and we ended 2019 at 34%—an improvement over our 27% 2015 baseline.

Making Diversity and Inclusion Local
Diversity and inclusion look different in different parts of the world. At the corporate level, our enterprise-wide Diversity and Inclusion Council identifies and removes barriers to inclusion while advocating for change in how we attract, engage, develop and retain people with diverse talents and backgrounds. In 2019, we introduced Regional Diversity and Inclusion Councils that help drive local accountability and create opportunities for advancing diversity and inclusion in the ways most relevant to each of our business regions.

Fostering Diversity with Employee Toolkits
To strengthen our value of diversity, we introduced “Dive In” Diversity and Inclusion Employee Toolkits that are designed to spark conversation and help build stronger relationships and teams. The toolkits cover topics critical to creating a high-performing and engaged global culture, including “Building Robust Teams,” “Sparking Ideas and Collaboration,” and “Leading Global Teams.”

Assessing our Diversity Climate
To further advance diversity, we must gain a better understanding of what diversity and inclusion look like at our company today. To do that, in 2018 we engaged a third-party consultant to conduct a climate assessment by soliciting feedback from 200 select leaders and randomly selected employees. The assessment was intended to provide insight through data collection and analysis of employees’ perception of diversity and inclusion as it relates to women in our company. The findings from this exercise provided a clearer picture of the employee perspective and helped identify improvement opportunities, which we are working to address.