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Our Game Plan

Our Sustainability Progress

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2025 Target
Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 3% year-over-year, and at least a 26% reduction compared to our 2015 baseline.

2019 Progress

  • As of September 2019, we reduced emissions by more than 30% against our baseline.

Products and Solutions

2025 Target
70% of the products we sell will conform to, or will enable end products to conform to, our sustainability principles.*

2019 Progress

  • We’ve determined that at least 40% and 46% of our LGM and RBIS business’ revenues, respectively, were from sustainability-driven products.
  • We developed our ClearIntent portfolio of products in our LGM and RBIS businesses made with materials that are responsibly sourced, use less material with the same functionality, contain recycled content and / or enable recycling. 
  • We continued to enable customers in our RBIS business to replace conventional packaging and brand elements with more environmentally friendly alternatives.


2025 Target
We will source 100% certified paper, of which at least 70% will be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)-certified.

2019 Progress

  • We sourced 89% certified paper, of which 79% of our face paper and liner are FSC-certified.


2025 Target
70% of the films we buy will conform to our sustainability principles.*

2019 Progress

  • We have sharpened the focus of our films target on recycled content, with rPET liners developed and implemented.
  • 97% of the films conform to guiding principles. 
  • We continue to develop sustainable products that require fewer materials and have reduced film thickness.


2025 Target
Our operations will be 95% landfill-free, with 75% of our waste repurposed, and we will help our customers reduce the waste from our products by 70%.

2019 Progress

  • As of November 2019, 94% of waste from our operations was diverted from landfills and we recycled 65% of our waste.
  • We have piloted programs in every region to reduce matrix and liner waste.


2025 Target
70% of the chemicals we buy will conform to our sustainability principles.*

2019 Progress

  • 96% of the chemicals conform to our guiding principles.
  • Our RBIS business has had an industry-leading restricted substance list for many years. To further advance sustainability for chemicals, RBIS completed pilots of the bluesign system, a solution for sustainable textile production used by many apparel customers.


2025 Target
We will maintain world class safety and engagement scores and cultivate a diverse workforce with 40% of leadership positions filled by women. We will also maintain world class safety and engagement scores.

2019 Progress

  • 34% of our manager and above positions were filled by women at the end of 2019, and we expanded our flexible work arrangements, female employee leadership program and unconscious bias training across our company. 
  • We evaluated our gender pay equity with positive results, developed plans to take a leading position, and identified adjustments to compensation for 2019.  
  • We continued our world class safety record, with a recordable incident rate of 0.23 in 2019, far surpassing the manufacturing industry average.


2025 Target
We will be public and transparent in the reporting of our progress.

2019 Progress

  • We are publishing our first integrated report, including progress against our 2025 sustainability goals.  
  • We partnered with BSR to update our materiality assessment and ensure continued alignment with the sustainable practices and goals of our customers and the industries we serve.

*Our sustainability guiding principles:
1. Don’t pollute with extracted materials. 2. Don’t pollute with manufactured materials. 3. Don’t over-harvest or over-encroach on living systems. 4. Don’t impede people’s wellness, influence, competence, equity and meaning. 5. Discover and capture lost value at every stage of the value chain. 6. Empower all of our people to innovate and create value 7. Embrace the collaboration that is inherent to sustainability. 8. Create shared value for our customers, their value chains, and the communities we serve