Sustainable Sourcing

sustainable sourcing

Sustainable products start with sustainable sourcing. Wherever possible, we responsibly source sustainable materials that improve environmental health. Globally, over 89% of our paper is certified through FSC and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification claims, with 45% of all paper certified using the “gold standard” FSC-certification. We’re also increasingly sourcing renewable energy to power our operations.

Auditing Suppliers’ Environmental Practices and More
In 2016, our businesses launched a Sustainability Procurement Program. This collaborative evaluation platform provides sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for our global supply chain. As part of the program, each year, with our partner, EcoVadis, we review suppliers representing more than 80% of our direct spend on materials. EcoVadis audits a company’s environmental practices, fair business practices, working conditions, and supply chain. Supplier audit scores and corrective actions are available in EcoVadis’ online system for any competitor or customer who requests the information. Our work with EcoVadis received a Label Industry Global Award in 2018. See more of our sustainability awards >



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